Band = Relationship?

I'm sure you've heard this analogy many times before, but being in a band is just like being in a romantic relationship. It's true, I swear. Hear me out:

The beginning stages are a little rocky, mentally. You wonder, "Will this workout? Will they still like me next week? Will I like them next week?" I've gotten past that stage with my wonderful band (love you guys). But that doesn't make it any less real. It also occurs every time you add a new member to the band.

Looking for a new member is kind of like online dating, in a sense. We're currently looking for a new drummer and a bassist (contact us if you're interested!), and the sort of responses range from totally normal, to incredibly creepy, to "I might kill people for fun in my free time". Honestly, the creepy responses are quite entertaining. I appreciate those people in the world, always keeping things interesting. However, no matter how talented this person may be, we need someone that we wouldn't be afraid to sleep in a touring van with for a month. So, the search continues. 

"Open relationships" and exclusive ones also come to mind (notice where the quotation marks lie?). The idea of an "open relationship" is that you're with one person, but you're both allowed to wander off with other people, and you stay with that poor son-of-a-bitch through it all. In other words, it's a giant mess (usually). Well, I'm lucky to have a band that I don't feel the need to stray from - I'm fully satisfied with the one ;). However, they totally encourage me, and other members of the band, to work on personal tunes, which I think is awesome. Just like any healthy relationship, you need to be able to do things without each other. I'd say we definitely have that balance, but after a little while I start to miss those suckers.

All-in-all, a band is like a boyfriend (or girlfriend). Looking for a band, or band mates, is just like those beginning dating stages. The analogies are pretty accurate, people. And I feel so lucky to get to be living proof of it.