These are old, new songs. Spent a few years looking for perfect when all we needed was “right”. Think we’ve arrived. The story begins with Confessions. It’s a space drama about a girl who escapes heartbreak into the cold of Earth's orbit where she collects floating debris. However, her distant memories of Earth beckon her to re-enter the atmosphere to confront her losses. 

But in it’s simplest form, it’s about letting go...and all the shades of black we feel when we do.

I am poised I am ready for the test
But I spin out of control as I ready to confess for all the
Things I'd never do
And maybe they won't recognize my face
And just maybe they won't recognize my face
Like I rarely do
Just like I barely do

How did you think I'd have the stomach for this
When every word you say has teeth under it
I cannot swallow it
No one could have the tolerance
And now it's all indifference
As colors tumble to black
87 shades of black