During the making of the album, we thought it'd be fun to include an interlude or two. While not many groups do this any more, they did have a bit of a resurgence in hip-hop albums as outtakes and, in some cases, bits of theater. They are really fun as they are short and, since most people will delete them off their MP3 players, there's a bit of freedom to do some weird stuff. It's sort of like dancing while nobody is watching in the back of the venue: it's technically still a public performance, but everybody is facing the stage for the emotional payoff. Anyway.

Building off the opening track, we went with a more avant garde, music concrete approach with found films in the Internet Archive. Sound pretentious? When I put it that way, sure. But it really wasn't a big deal. The videos we found were from military instructional videos  on how to conduct interrogations. They were cut up and then taken to Tracy Ruggle's (of Naughty Field Mice) house where some hand drums, samples, and other arrangements were created. Then it was taken back and mixed again to add some extra layers of this and that.

Thematically, it builds off the lyrics of "Confessions" where your day-to-day becomes an interrogation. Some days you confess to lies to save on some drama. Others, you fight for your life as the fabric of your character is threadbare with someone as it is. This isn't for all people, but if this makes sense, we don't need to explain it further. If this doesn't make sense, consider yourself lucky.