The concept

We’ll develop a 4 song EP over 4 days with musicians from all genres, instrumentations, and backgrounds. You will be randomly grouped with musicians to produce a song from beginning to end in one day. The songs will be mixed and produced by RGBmono after the sessions are complete. The songs will be recorded in RGBmono's home studio in Mill Valley, CA.

There will be no genre limitations. Just do what you do best and we know together we’ll come up with something really magical. The EP will be released under Stellium, a social good company helping at-risk youth, so guaranteed, something good will come out of your time and talent. That, and it’s gonna be so much fun! 

THE Rules

  1. Do not have anything prepared. The challenge is to start from scratch and work with your fellow musicians to produce something from beginning to end as a group. 
  2. Come armed with one of your fave books (you’ll find out why on your recording day) and any instruments you’d like to play.
  3. Bring headphones if you have them.
  4. We’ll share more when you arrive :)



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